The pcm for this swap is the 411 LSX PCM used in Camaros and Corvettes. Also, unique and that makes this project possible, and found in the 2002 chevy express van -the 411 pcm in this application uses a special 4X operating system. It uses a special tune to allow the old style 18436572 firing order and one coil ignition setup. No need for special parts, just a custom harness or a trimmed and repinned LT1 harness is all that’s needed along with the 2002 express 5.7 liter L31 sensors. (see harness buildup link for details.)

EFI Connection   does sell  a custom harness that uses all the stock related components of the 2002 express van to get you fired up and going or you can build your own harness like I did using a 95 LT1 caprice harness trimmed for standalone using factory wiring diagrams for reference. LS1 and LT1 Camaro wiring harnesses are very similar with the exception of a cam sensor and crank sensor.

This “pick your salvage part”411 pcm uses a factory “4X” 2002 express van tune file uploaded as a starting point. You can also download other factory stock tunes at tunefiledepot,  and use programming software like www.efilive.com to adjust the settings.

EFI Connection also sells a custom 24x and 58x setups to use this style of pcm with LSX multi coils retro fitted for use on  older small blocks, big blocks, TPI, and 1990’s LT-1 and LT-4 motors. They also sell other products if you choose to build or mod a harness for your application.



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